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Which Irish Music do you listen to? The Pogues, The Irish Rovers or maybe Irish Eyes are Smiling

Updated: Feb 10

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The Very Best of The Pogues

This particular CD, among numerous Greatest Hits releases, shines for its inclusion of "Waltzing Matilda," a distinctive track absent from other collections. The Pogues' music defies easy categorization, seamlessly oscillating between mournful and celebratory tones, often within the same song. It encapsulates the essence of Ireland, resembling the lively atmosphere of an Emerald Isle pub, complete with boozy sing-alongs and brooding, moody swing. CHECK IT OUT HERE -

When Irish Eyes Are Smiling

"When Irish Eyes Are Smiling" is a delightful musical journey that encapsulates the heart and soul of Irish melodies. The album effortlessly weaves through a collection of classic tunes, each one carrying the unmistakable charm and sentimentality that defines Irish music. From soul-stirring ballads to lively jigs, the CD captures the essence of Ireland's rich musical heritage. CHECK IT OUT HERE -

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The Best Of The Irish Rovers

The Irish Rovers' CD is a masterful compilation that showcases the enduring charm and versatility of this iconic Irish folk group. With a rich tapestry of traditional tunes and spirited performances, the album effortlessly captures the essence of the Irish musical experience. The Irish Rovers, known for their vibrant energy and superb musicianship, bring these songs to life with infectious enthusiasm. CHECK IT OUT HERE -

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