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Food Gift Hampers that you won't find on the High Street: Exquisite Spanish Hampers

Updated: Feb 10

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As the holiday season approaches, immerse yourself in the rich traditional food gift hampers that you won't find on your the high street. Elevate your Christmas celebrations with handpicked Spanish hampers that promise to add a touch of Iberian magic to your festivities.

Chocolate Amatller Regalo Original

link to purchase chocolate gift hamper from spain

Savor the essence of Spain with unique chocolate creations, inspired by the country's rich culinary heritage. From classic pralines to innovative chocolate infusions, this hamper is a celebration of the diverse and sumptuous world of Spanish chocolate. Elevate your moments of indulgence and share the joy of these decadent treats with those who appreciate the finer things in life.

La Chinata 'Selección Gourmet'

link to gourmet gift hamper from Extremadura

Indulge in La Chinata's gourmet hamper, a culinary delight curated for food enthusiasts. Featuring premium extra virgin olive oil, sweet caramelized onion, olive and pepper pâté, umami-packed boletus edulis pâté, and smoked paprika sea salt flakes, this collection is a celebration of exquisite flavors. All presented in an elegantly wrapped sturdy cardboard basket, it's the perfect gift for those who appreciate the finer tastes in life.

The Gourmet Box

Link to Gourmet gift hamper from spain

Experience a culinary journey with the Gourmet Box, a thoughtful gift for any food lover. This carefully curated selection includes premium Iberian acorn-fed ham, salchichón, and chorizo, offering an authentic taste of Spain. Indulge in the richness of 100% sheep cheese, accompanied by flavorful boletus and blood sausage pâtés. Complete the gastronomic experience with artisanal breadsticks and a bottle of Ramon Bilbao wine. Packaged beautifully, this hamper is an ideal gift for those who appreciate the finest gourmet delights.

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