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Moerdeng Jacket Review

Updated: Feb 10

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Is Moerdeng a good jacket brand.

Yes, I am absolutely thrilled with my MOERDENG Women's Winter Down Waterproof Ski Jacket!

It's like wearing a cozy down comforter as a coat – lightweight but incredibly warm.

The hood is a game-changer for those windy days, and it stays put. It's long enough to cover my thighs, and the double zipper is a bonus, allowing me to adjust while keeping the rest zipped up.

My only wish is for snaps on the hood to close it at the bottom when it's up. The fit is tailored without making me look like a marshmallow. The coat handled heavy rain effortlessly.

Overall, it's stylish, warm, and waterproof, perfect for normal cold weather.

For those who need a longer coat with a hood that keeps you warm, this is a great choice.


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